In Need of Practice

How does she do it?! 

Drawings by illustrator Gabrielle Vincent.

I mean look at them! Each drawing perfectly captures the emotions and body postures of a toddler...and each one is imagined! There are hundreds of drawings just like these.  It's amazing.  It's inspiring!

I have been spending a lot of time transcribing (as my jazz friends would say) her drawings in an attempt to unpack her magic and learn something. Here are a few things I have learned:

1.) Be specific with your lines. Recognize that humans are comprised of bones, fat and muscles that give  definition and form to our bodies.   

2.) Hands and feet matter! Learn how to draw hundreds of different positions. 

3.) Toddlers have big heads, which means their ear falls in the middle of their head.

4.) Pay attention to the darkness/thickness of lines. They create depth and emphasis.

5.) Practice. Practice. Practice. With intention. Try to understand body postures and memorize them. 


I tried to apply what I had learned to my own drawings. Unfortunately, these are not from my head, but I will get there someday. 


Marine TempelsComment