Yoyuu is a japanese word meaning the presence of a momentary pause.  It is an imagined space you take for yourself to arrange mental or physical clutter.  In the noun form, it represents a balancing act where external actions are guided by internal stability.  (Kinfolk, Volume 15)

In an attempt to relax, arrange my mental clutter and find internal stability, I picked up a more forgiving medium than watercolor and ink--acrylic. If you make a mistake with acrylic, not to worry...acrylic can be applied thickly and opaquely to fix all errors. To my surprise, I can get it to act like watercolor as well! The result is that I can relax more as I paint/draw and get the loose effect that I love.  I have started drawing  into my paintings rather that painting into my drawings.  I had almost forgotten how much I love painting and its ability to define borders through color rather than lines. 

Sometimes opening our eyes to knowledge’s blind spot can reveal fresh solutions to old problems and give us an appreciation for the unknown.
— Kinfolk magazing, volume 15
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