Recently, I got to take part in a wonderful project that helped me gain a deeper understanding of Chicago.  "Welcome to the Neighborhood" was a collaboration between 1,001 Chicago Afternoons and The Anthology of Chicago on a literary event that took place at the Museum of Contemporary Art on January 20th. Local writers and poets told stories about various neighborhoods in Chicago and  were paired with artists who created artwork to go along with their stories.  I was paired with Elaine Hegwood Bowen and created an illustration for her story, 1964 Red Buick. 

I was able to engage with Chicago's people, culture and history in a unique way. I pieced together images, information and stories to recreate someone else's memory of a neighborhood on Chicago's south side that I had never been to and that took place the same year that my parents turned 3 years old. Here is what I came up with:

Photograph of Plasm One taken by Taylor Glascock, for the Chicago Tribune.