Hello, I'm Marine. 

I am  a Belgian-born artist and illustrator residing in Chicago.  I am inspired by the body postures, shapes, and textures of life. Through line, contour, and thoughtful omissions of color and detail, I hope to breathe life and mystery into my work.  


I am fascinated by our imagination and how our external world can influence it.  According to neurologist, V.S. Ramachandran, a human being has the remarkable ability to take their surroundings, pull them apart, and turn them into abstractions. The ability to visualize a red striped canary although none exists is unique to humans. He identifies colors, adjectives, and objects such as red, stripes, and canaries as “disembodied tokens”. These tokens can then be manipulated to create new scenarios called the imagination. Cool, right? If you're fascinated too, listen starting at 29:28 min. http://www.radiolab.org/story/91496-who-am-i/

I am also inspired by how we store and recall memories, epigenetics, and psychology.

Study:   School of the Art Institute, Chicago; Indiana University, Bloomington.

Other things I do  and am passionate about:

My work is often a solo project, but the world I live in is not.  I believe in working with my community to make strides towards social change.  I also believe the Arts are a powerful tool to help empower individuals and communities.  Therefore, I spend part of my days at ArtReach at Lillstreet working with inspiring people to help bring art programming to Chicagoans lacking access to the arts.